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ATL Baby G
Artist | Writer | Influencer | CEO - Middle Of The Street Music Group
Atl Baby G - Out Of Love
What inspires your music?
I know it’s what a lot of people say but real-life experiences. I enjoy making music about how I feel to be honest. A lot of stuff be on my mind and music helps me get it out… especially things that I normally may not want to say out loud. Just the people around me bopping to my songs and expressing how they really fucks with my music. It good lets me know I’m the right wave. My writing process depends on how I feel that day. Sometimes I like to write everything down just so I can make sure I get the point I want to make across. Other times I like to just load a beat up and hit space bar and let my feelings out. A lot of times those are the songs that I fall in love with. You definitely can’t replace that feeling you have when you first hear the beat. I definitely like those infectious beats that when you first hear it you can’t wait to hear the lyrics that going to lace it.
What project are you currently working on?
Right now, I’m working on my first EP after signing to the branding consulting firm RockLan One. Right now we are dropping some singles while working on my first project. My music is lit, enthusiastic, and outgoing. It is me and my story. I am going to let you see all sides of my personality and what I am going through with my first project. I am eager to put it out but I going to take my time to make sure it is a true representation of me. I want to really let people get to know me… my ups and downs… my chill side and my lit side… The project definitely going to be full of bars. I want to mix the fun vibes trap music gives with the mini stories and bars that that Hip-Hop gave us. I’m honestly just ready to show people that I really can rap for real. I definitely want to be an inspiration to everyone that listens to my music.
Who are some people you would want to work with?
With my musical direction that I am trying to go with in the first chapter of my music career it’s a lot of producers I would want to work with. The production is so important when it comes to crafting a great project. I’d have to say Metro Boomin is a producer I would want to work with. He has helped mold so many artists and help them find their true sound and direction. He’s definitely a leader in my eyes when it come to the trap music scene so being able to create with him would definitely be something I’d love to do.
What does NoL8ne mean?
NoL8ne is to be different. Growing up I hated hearing “stay in your lane”. I am giving everything my full potential and all. I have no lanes, no matter what I do know NoL8ne going to rock out. My music is an example of that in which I am known to do all various style of music. I know that I must really find my niche on my upcoming project… gotta get that solid project out. But don’t be surprised if I switch lanes on my project.
Your label is called “Middle Of The Street”…
I came up with “Middle Of The Street” to represent how I grew up. I had friends that was deep in the streets growing up in my neighborhood, but I also had friends that was trying to stay as far away from the street as possible. And then there was me (lol)… somewhere in the middle just trying to find my way out. From my point of view, I seen a lot of different stories come out of the streets… some kids grew up to work in the corporate world while some grew up to be hustlers…. others became a combination and are entrepreneurs… and then some became athletes or artists. Being in the middle of the street where I stood, I was able to see the different paths in order to make one of my own that could get me a better life than I had growing up.
What is your fashion style?
Growing up I didn’t have the resources to get the clothing I wanted to get so I always dreamed of having my own clothing. My clothing line is called “Middle Of The Street” named after my label. It is classy but yet swaggy… it’s clean and fresh.
What are some obstacles you faced?
The hardest obstacle that I’ve faced since being in the industry is just trying to stay down through the hard times. Sometime things can just not go your way at all, and you might start to question what you’re doing it for. For me it was just staying the course and not getting thrown off my goals was hard for me. I also think because there is no blueprint of the industry it is definitely an obstacle in the industry. There is no rules… No lanes… lol…. so there are talented artists out here running 3 to 5 years in the wrong direction not knowing there’s a better way. Having a team is very important and plays an important role in your music career. You could have the best music and a poor team and you wouldn’t be able to be where you could be with better support system and team. You could have decent music but with the proper support and help from a team who plays their part and is genuine can get you further. Right now I have a great team behind me to get me to the level of success that I want to achieve. Get ready for NoL8ne this year.
Atl Baby G - Out Of Love