Bars Over Beats Producer's Showcase

Bars Over Beats Producers and Artist Showcase

Bars Over Beats Producer and Artist Showcase. This event is specifically for producers and artists in Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B to showcase their talents. The Bars Over Beats Producer and Artist Showcase is the premier national music producer specific event, spotlighting aspiring hit-makers in front of a panel of prominent music industry tastemakers.

PRODUCERS - If you make tracks (or beats), then this is an opportunity for you.

ARTISTS – We understand the producer and rapper go hand in hand in music, so the Bars Over Beats Producer and Artist Showcase will feature two performances during the show!

The Bars Over Beats Producer and Artist Showcase promises to up the ante for Hip-Hop, R&Band Pop production for 2018 and beyond. The showcase is a must attend event for networking, music, hearing real feedback and finding the next super producer!

August 2nd – Thursday – Atlanta
August 9th – Thursday – Atlanta
August 23rd – Thursday – Atlanta
August 30th – Thursday – Atlanta
September 6th – Thursday Atlanta
Bars Over Beats Producer and Artist Showcase is presented by TakeOff Atl, Krown Me LLC and RockLan One. 

The event is held at The Ghost Bar – 345 Edgewood Ave NE Atlanta 30307. 8pm - 11pm
Planning to come out?
If you’re entering the Producer Showcase, come correct. Bring your hottest tracks. Bring you music on your Computer and/or Phone. Aux cord is provided to main system.
If you’re coming to perform, engage the crowd! Our performers actually open up the night. So not only is it imperative to show that you can open a show, but it’s important that you give it all you have!  A true performer can open any show and get the crowd involved, and of course, entertain them!
Network, Network, Network! We often have A&R’s, Managers, DJ’s, Promoters, etc in the crowd.  You may not know it if you don’t make yourself known.
Hashtag #BarsOverBeats