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DatsJustice – “Top Dawg”

Who is DatsJustice?
DatsJustice… the moral principle determining just conduct… Real Shit Real Life… My music is full of truth, hurt, love, pain and experiences I or my circle have gone through. What inspires my music…. Life…. Real Shit… Real Life… Also the name of my label happens to be RSRL Music Group (Real Shit Real Life). My life experiences and the people around me inspire me to create my sound. The things that I experience and go through is what I write about. I’m painting my story and music is the canvas. I want to share my art with the world. There are various topics that I touch on in my music… love, women, weed, money, pain… RSRL (Real Shit Real Life). Raw emotions from my mind that I put on paper. Just me being me is my inspiration.

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Flushing Queens New York but moved to Virginia when I was young. I am now working on my craft in Atlanta. I think that I have a wide range of influences when it comes to music because of my demographics. You can definitely hear my distinct sound in my music, but my music does appeal to a wider demographics.

Did you always want to be in the entertainment industry?
I always wanted to be in the music industry since I was a child. Watching DMX and Jay-Z music videos made me obsessed with the lifestyle. I started recording myself at 9 years old with a four-track recorder then eventually Cubase Studios. I bounced my records and created my own mixtape covers with Photoshop. Every week I sold my music at school to my classmates and even the teachers. It was the beginning of my musical journey. Each day presents a new task, a new project, always something new and exciting. That is definitely something that the entertainment industry gives you. You have to be built strong mentally in order to handle a lot of things that will be coming your way. I am definitely built for it and love it.

What project are you currently promoting?
My new project I’m promoting right now is called “So Certain” this project is the most I’ve ever been certain about to date. It means a lot because it shows the growth in my music and where I am currently in life. I was once at a point in which I was looking that set direction in which I want my project to go. My music journey is very complex with a collective of life experiences and raw genuine feelings. My project isn’t confined to just a Hip-Hop project or R&B project. Once you hear my music you will definitely see that it isn’t a sound that can be classified under one traditional category. Right now, I am working on and releasing singles to narrow down the direction that I want my project to go. The direction is to show people that my range is bigger than just a rapper or R&B artist. This project will show that DatsJustice can make quality music that’s relatable and quotable at the same time. My debut project will also show the authenticity of RSRL Music Group and DatsJustice.

Which song are you currently promoting?
The current record I’m promoting is called “Top Dawg” it’s about being the best at what you do while staying at the top. I made this record because it’s exactly how I feel at this time in my life. I know that a lot of people can and do relate to the topic. That is one thing about all of my songs is that they are relatable to everyone. Trust me if you feel that you can’t relate to this song I have about 10 other songs that do. There actually are several songs that I am promoting right now… some of songs has various genres that it covers at one time. Right now I have been testing the waters to see what my demographic wants to hear now.

What is your thought process when working on new music?
When creating a record, I tend to freestyle the melodies then put the lyrics in afterwards. I let the beat takeover and the emotion comes out. My personal experiences in life and what I see and hear what I use to inspire my music. Like I stated before about my life experiences and how the people around me inspire me to create my sound. The things that I experience and go through is what I write about to start the thought process.

How would you classify your music?
I would definitely have to classify my music as art. If I had to pick a genre right now… Hip-Hop with a R&B cadence. The way music is categorized today is kinda grey especially when it comes to urban music. There are so many different styles within the Hip-Hop genre these days it is very hard to classify certain sounds. On one of my projects, you might get a heavy dose of Hip-Hop while another one might be more on the R&B side. But bet on it you will love everything that is release whether you want that Hip-Hop or R&B or both.

What sets your music apart from others in your genre?
Really genres are based on the music behind the lyrics. I am a Lyricist who’s passionate and sensitive about my art. My music is full of truth, hurt, love, pain and experiences I or my circle have gone through. I think what sets me apart from the others is the way my story plays out and how people are able to relate to how I presents it… Real Shit Real Life.

What does music mean to you?
Music is everything to me… I’ve been creating it since a child. It’s the best way for me to get out my pain and feelings. It is definitely the best way for me to express myself as a person and to tell my story. The way certain songs have affected my life and sometimes influenced my life decisions. Music has a way to doing this to everyone at one time or another. I definitely want my music to impact others just like how some music have impacted me.

What is the hardest obstacle you faced being in the industry?
The hardest obstacle I faced being in this industry is understanding the industry. There is really no true blueprint or game plan when it comes to the industry. You will basically have to learn a lot as you go. There are a lot of opportunities nowadays for upcoming artist however there’s still gate keepers that can decide if you are considered good enough to be in certain rooms. This is sometimes deter- mined by who you know not necessarily because you have talent. Just because you make great music doesn’t mean you will make it in the music industry. But that also goes to what do you consider to be successful in the industry. Some people make music for the industry, but I definitely make music for myself. I know that the music I make will translate to growth of fanbase numbers. I just needing to add the business side of it so that I can make the money also. I would definitely say that understanding the industry was an obstacle… key word was. Now I actually have a team behind me and my label. Without a team nothing can get done. Your team is more important than anything because they are the engine of the business. Your team must be trustworthy, dependable, and creative enough to be truly successful.

What does being an independent artist mean to you?
Being independent is great because we create our own leverage without a major label. It’s a lot of work to be a real independent artist that people don’t understand. You really have to look at yourself as a business in order to be successful as an independent artist. There are different opportunities because you are cutting out the middleman in your career. You definitely have to make yourself as valuable as possible also when it comes to this. Its way more than just the music portion of writing, going to the studio, recording, releasing music and hoping for the best. The business aspect has to definitely be there when you are in the industry. Investors, sponsors and money can come knocking at the door when you have something to offer in any business venture. It works the same way with music… music is a business.

What hard lessons have you learned while working in the industry?
The hardest thing I’ve learned in this industry is to never invest in something without having a marketing plan set in place before releasing content. You will definitely be wasting a lot of time, money, and energy. You can have everything in place but without that proper marketing plan it won’t go where you want it to. You have to have that full plan in place or at least have a solid direction in how you want it to go and be able to execute the plan.

Do you feel that artists really understand the business aspect of the music industry?
I think most artist don’t know the music business that’s why they sign deals they regret later on in life. Not knowing it basic aspect hurts a lot of artists. Nobody knows everything about the industry because it is changing on a daily basis. And also what works for one artist probably won’t work for you. You will have to get the right people around you so that you can learn from them and see all aspects. It is definitely a steep learning curve on a daily basis… so if you are not ready to learn you might be in the wrong industry.

What changes do you feel that need to be made in the music industry?
I don’t think there is any major changes that need to be made to be honest. There are different levels to be successful in the industry. If an artist is content with being just an artist, they will be on the losing end in the long run. Artist must change with the industry… by learning and adapting. They are so many different ways for artist to get their music out there and connect with their fans…. but you must put in the work to succeed. If I would think about any real changes would be the way some music algorithms are controlled and setup where only certain people can be seen or heard not everyone. That is why you have to run like a business.

What steps have you taken to branding yourself as an artist?
I am currently working with RockLan One… Marketing and Branding heavyweight. We have established myself as a brand under my company RSRL Music Group. We understand that you have to be the trend and not follow or set the trend. With my music, my personal style, upcoming clothing line, plus some other stuff that we are working on we are establishing me as a brand. This allows me to be marketable in all industries while still being who I am not just as an artist but a person.

If you can have any collaboration with any artist?
If I could collaborate with anyone in the industry it would be Drake. I think it’s self-explanatory why. There is definitely a lot of artists who I would want to collab with. Working with different artists would expand my musical palate. One artist that I would want to work with is Chris Martin from ColdPlay. Like I stated before my music is raw emotions from my mind that I put on paper. I love his story telling and honesty that he puts in his music. I know that a song together would definitely be in heavy rotation on every one playlist no doubt. Music is about emotions and feelings…

If you could work with any producers?
There is definitely a lot of producers who I would want to work with. With each producer you would get a different perspective and outlook. I would be able to craft different bodies of work and masterpieces with various producers. I would love to work with Kanye West and HitMaka. I want to work with Kanye because he’s one of the greatest producers and samplers of all time. He knows how to really bring that authentic feel when it comes to music. He has a great ear for music and he puts emotion in his music. Kanye is known for another level because they know how to bring a certain running strictly on emotions when it comes to his music or really when it comes to his life. I know that we would be very creative when it comes to working on music together. Sometimes a great producer can take your music to side out that you wouldn’t be able to bring out. Lock us in the studio for a couple of days and see what will come out. Kanye West with Real Shit Real Life will equal classic music. I also would want to work with HitMaka because he knows how to make hits! Sometimes you just want to get those billboard bangers out. His production skill is on another level when it comes to making quality music once he gets in the studio with an artist of my caliber. He is another great producer that can create music filled with emotions and authenticity. Also one of my favorite producers outside of Hip-Hop and R&B is Ken Nelson. Ken Nelson produced my favorite rock album by ColdPlay called “Parachutes”. That project by ColdPlay was their debut released in 2000 …. over 20 years ago. The crazy thing about it the clarity of the production of the music and vocals compared to today’s standard is above par. You definitely have to really listen to that project if you haven’t. It what really put ColdPlay on the map. Also, as an artist you got to know that production is a very big part of a great project which is the producer and engineer. I’m definitely making music that will withstand the test of time.

How important do you feel is having the right team?
If you don’t have a great team, you won’t succeed. You need to have the right team in order to cover everything. Nobody can succeed on their own… let me change that… they can but not on the level that I am going to. Being in the industry have a lot of things that not one person can or will know. You need to have experience, ideology, marketing, branding, finance, street team, online team, booking, video team, producers, A&R,… it’s a lot that have to be covered that one person can’t do. And having a big team is not having the right team. Having a solid team you can trust can take you there.

Do you feel the role of an A&R is important?
I feel like my whole team are A&R’s because we are tested by one everyday… RockLan One. The role of an A&R is to make sure that everything matches us. An A&R don’t have to change the artist to fit the industry or demographics. They can polish the artist so that they are ready for the industry and their demographics.

How important do artists having their own label setup is?
Having your own record label is important because it’s always best to be established before partnering with others. You learn how to move properly so that the only thing you would need is the funding to push it. Learning the business aspect of a label and having your own setup can protect you in the long run also. Plus, it will give you the best percentage from the work you put in.

How have your music changed in the past couple of years?
My music has changed a lot over the years. I believe growth is the most important part of being an artist. My music is a reflection of me as a person so you can definitely hear the changes in it. So definitely check out the music and follow my journey of life.

Describe yourself in one word.
Ambitious is the best way to describe myself.

What three albums you think that everyone should own?
Three great albums everyone should listen to is “Parachutes” by Cold Play and The Weekend “Trilogy” project which has three albums. I know that’s more than three, but their projects are incredible. The projects are both very lyrical and insightful with the human dynamics.

What are your business plans and goals for 2023?
Continue to establish and grow my company RSRL Music Group. The company will serve my long-term goals not only as establishing me as a certified artist but also a writer, A&R, producer, brand, and entrepreneur. I never want to be viewed just as an artist because I am so much more than that. There are different things that my company is a part of which is artist development, event production, and corporate sponsorships.

What is your motto of life?
Live life but treat everyone with respect and love. That way you always get love and respect back.