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From the streets to the boardroom, no matter what your background is, you will find RockLan One Magazine is like a breath of fresh air. This publication is universal with a basic appeal to the masses. We give our readers a basic touch of what is hot and an up-close and personal with the leading trendsetters. Each issue delivers to its readers the hottest Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Models and Celebrities as well as the latest trends in fashion and style.

The magazines are strategically circulated to a diverse bed of tastemakers through industry events, nightlife events, record labels, recording studios, retail outlets and music stores. The Magazines remains on the cusp of the most high traffic avenues and effective distribution outlets.

RockLan One Magazine is headquartered in Atlanta and has editorial correspondents in major cities around the US. The Group is a unit of RockLan One Media And Entertainment Consulting Firm, a worldwide media company that provides specialized publications, electronically delivered data, expositions and marketing services.

White Russian - Solid

White Russian’s music career started when she moved to Atlanta, in which was a significant step for her, as it provided more opportunities and exposure to the music scene. At first, White Russian wasn't fully committed to making music, mainly because she was already financially stable through her dancing career. However, the experience of recording a song in the studio seems to have sparked her curiosity and interest in exploring music as more than just a fun hobby. After a few years and with the support and advice from people around her, she decided to take music more seriously. Combining her passion for dance and being an entertainer, she found enjoyment in creating music and performing. This newfound dedication to music has likely opened up more opportunities for her and allowed her to explore her artistic side fully. She then followed her passions and evolved in their career path. With her love for music and entertainment, White Russian seems to be on a promising journey in the music industry.

White Russian is continuously learning and growing in the music industry. Learning from different people, being in the studio, and collaborating with others was incredibly beneficial for her artistry development and creativity. With each new experience, she gains valuable insights and knowledge that will surely contribute to her growth as a musician. It's evident that White Russian understands the importance of having the right team to support her music career. The right management team, such as BangVillage, can make a significant difference in an artist's trajectory by providing the necessary connections and opportunities to thrive in the industry. Bo, whom she met through her best friend, Niko, made a valuable connection in her journey. Her upcoming single, "Solid," about being a "solid bitch" showcases her strong and confident persona.

It's beautiful to learn about her meaningful tattoo that honors her mother with her favorite flower on her leg. Personal tattoos like these can be a constant reminder of the important people and things in an artist's life, serving as a source of inspiration for their art. Overall, White Russian's journey in the music industry seems to be filled with growth, determination, and creative expression. With her passion for music and a supportive team, she's on the right path to making a name for herself in the industry.  

Gratitude is a powerful emotion and expressing it can strengthen the bond between an artist and their audience. It shows that White Russian recognizes the role her supporters and fans play in her success and that she values their presence on her journey. With such a positive and appreciative mindset, she is sure to foster a strong and dedicated fan base that will continue to support her throughout her music career. It’s essential for White Russian to express her gratitude to her team, supporters, and fans. Acknowledging the people who have been instrumental in her journey and have supported her along the way is a great way to show appreciation and build strong relationships. To her team, including her management team at BangVillage and her engineer, she can express how their guidance, expertise, and belief in her talent have been invaluable in shaping her career. Their support and connections have opened doors and provided opportunities that have allowed her to grow as an artist. To her supporters and fans, White Russian can convey her heartfelt thanks for their unwavering encouragement and love. Their belief in her music and continuous support have been a driving force in her journey. She can remind them not to give up on their dreams and passions, just as she didn't give up on hers. Their loyalty and enthusiasm inspire her to continue creating music and giving her best to her art.