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RockLan One Magazine Volume 6 Issue 14

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RockLan One Magazine Volume 6 Issue 14

Cover: Jay Activist and Noa. Also featuring Derek "Pres" Jackson, Milley Rock, Bonnie Banks, Kai Marion, Khalilfann, Floess God, Dreek Jones, Hasani Vibez, Numony, YNCMadeIt, Golden Entendre, Naomi The Supreme, Melisena, Jahwill, Nia Lindo, Ebony Lockwood, Hasani Vibez, Arize, Brittney Wilson, Amalia Mia Pelley, J-Royal,...

About RockLan One Magazine:

From the streets to the boardroom, no matter what your background is, you will find RockLan One Magazine is like a breath of fresh air. This publication is universal with a basic appeal to the masses. We give our readers a basic touch of what is hot and an up-close and personal with the leading trendsetters.

Each issue delivers to its readers the hottest Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Models and Celebrities as well as the latest trends in fashion and style. The magazines are strategically circulated to a diverse bed of tastemakers through industry events, nightlife events, record labels, recording studios, retail outlets and music stores.

The Magazines remains on the cusp of the most high traffic avenues and effective distribution outlets. RockLan One Magazine is headquartered in Atlanta and has editorial correspondents in major cities around the US. The Group is a unit of RockLan One Branding and Marketing Consulting Firm, a worldwide media company that provides specialized publications, electronically delivered data, expositions and marketing services.